Make a positve impact on someones life, make 2020 the year when people stop talking about me, 2020 is all about WE

Why #2020makeadifference

It is time to take back control

Strong forces in the world are pushing us in the wrong direction. A few people have gotten insanely rich, everyone else poorer. Social media is used to create tensions, often not related to the real problems in the world. Its like someone want to keep us occupied with the small matters rather than focusing on the big problems.

Why is bad and fake news going viral, when good news hardly spread at all? Why does the media focus entirely on negative stuff when there is a lot of good happening? Are the people of the world being played by governments and social media? Make your voice heard, start spreading something positive; #2020makeadifference

people on church roof in greece

The current status

We have highlighted a few of the challenges we are facing, it is simply not possible to cover everything on one page... sadly

The environment

The environment has gotten a massive attention in 2019, because of people like Greta Thunberg. It hasn’t had a great impact on the world’s politicians, but people all over the world are starting to make changes – it starts with people like you and me.

Extreme capitalism

Most people are not aware of the financial state the world is in. The worlds debt has never been as high as it is now. Zero interest rates do not save the world, or your finances, it is killing the world. A few people have become insanely rich, the rest of us will pay the price during the next financial crises.

Social media

Social media is not your friend. Never have people been as lonely as today, the more friends they have on social media the lonelier people become. Social media have made us more selfish; we share happy lives that don’t exist in the real world. We follow self-claimed famous people like the Kardashians. What has happened to the world?

Lying is the new truth

You would expect that leader of North Korea base his reality around fantasy and lies, but who would imagine 10 years ago that the leaders of the USA, UK, Brazil, to name a few, build their entire reality around lies and manipulation…

Poverty is the new reality

Over the next 20-30 years we will be faced with a new poverty, rich countries no longer able to carry the cost of social welfare and public pensions, combined with the fact that 800 million jobs will disappear over the next 10-15 years. Poverty was something we associated with third world countries; in the future it will be everywhere.


Let's make a difference

Change starts with each and every one of us doing something difference. If you want to save the environment start recycling, make your environmental footprint a little smaller. Yes, it is that simple.

Instead of a like on your friend’s social media post pick up the phone and call him/her, your call might have a huge impact if they are lonely. In fact, leave the phone at home and go visit an old friend, yes it will feel strange but after a while you will feel a totally new freedom.

While we need social media to spread the world abut #2020makeadifference it is important to point out that social media is one of the reasons why the world are in such a bad state, and why people are lonely and unhappy. We are not going to ask you to delete your social media accounts, but we ask you to keep in mind that social media is not your friend. And your so-called friends on social media is in fact not friends, they are electronic connections.

And keep in mind that what goes viral, and trending news on your social feeds are manipulated by companies like Facebook, it is like a drug that is fine tuned to make you behave like they want you too. We don’t need social media, they cannot function without us, that is why they use all kind of dirty tricks to make you think your life evolve around social media, when in fact, it does not.



This campaign was launched by ASPIRING, a start-up company and movement where we are creating the real sharing economy. You have been educated by big companies like Uber and Airbnb (Silicon Valley) about the sharing economy, but their sharing economy has nothing to do with sharing. Their business model is based around building a monopoly within a business sector, making you do all the hard work. Uber has no cars or drivers. Airbnb has no real estate. They share nothing, how can they have created the sharing economy?

The real sharing economy is fair and transparent. It is a financial model where everyone benefits. We don’t need closed end platforms to share, we need an open system enabling everyone easy access so that sharing can grow freely. We don’t charge sky high fees; we can operate with a minimum of fees to cover our cost. We are not building a $30 billion company making a handful of people billionaires, we are building a financial model where everyone benefits.

In ASPIRING we want to make a difference. Find your passion and make a difference!